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The Deafness Resource Centre in partnership with Vision Support, have been awarded a three year contract to provide sensory services in the Halton Borough. The contract with Halton Borough Council commenced on 1st July 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity for the two partners, supported by Halton Council, to develop a fully integrated sensory service geared to meeting the diverse needs of people with sensory loss. Staff from Vision Support and the Deafness Resource Centre will be joined by Rehabilitation Officers currently working within the council, to form one sensory team.

BREAKING NEWS – New sensory base open to the public!

Halton Sensory Services is located at 126 Widnes Road, Widnes. Open to the public Monday to Friday 10am till 3pm.

Any comments, ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our services are welcome.

Halton Sensory Services Contact Us:

Telephone: 0151 511 8801

Email: Sensory.Support@halton.gov.uk

The following services are currently offered:

1. Equipment Service / Environmental Aids

Offering equipment designed to support D/deaf people to live more independently in their homes, at work or on the move.

What Type Of Equipment Is Available To Me?
There are different kinds of equipment available, dependent on your personal needs. For example, flashing door bells to alert you to vistors, or loop systems to help you hear conversations or the television.

How Much Does it Cost?
This service and the equipment is free on long term loan to all people living within the Boroughs of St Helens and Halton.

2. Information and Support

If you would like to access information or support to enable you to achieve your long or short term goals, you can access one-to-one support services.

3. Self-Help Groups

The hard of hearing group is open to anyone who experiences sudden or gradual deafness, mild deafness and their families. The hard of hearing group runs the second Tuesday of each month in Hanover Court, Runcorn 11am till 12.30pm.

Halton tinnitus support group run on the first Tuesday 2pm-4pm of each month alternating between Runneymede Court, Widnes and Hanover Court, Runcorn, for specific dates and locations please see the Tinnitus Support page for further information.

Tinnitus Support

For more information about our services in Halton please contact enquiries@deafnessresourcecentre.org or 0174423887

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