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All our services are accessible and open to all families and young people who are deaf. 

Aims of our activities: 

Increase Independence

Improve Communication

Build Confidence

Services we provide: 

1: Support

We can support you with the following:

2: Family Sign Language

Family Sign is a first step for families to aid communication with their children who may be deaf or hard of hearing.  It is a short 6 weeks course with instruction from a tutor trained by the National Deaf Children’s Society. Courses are available to both families and professionals working with a deaf child.

Family Sign Language Curriculum

The Family Sign Language Curriculum (FSLC) is an NDCS resource specifically aimed at families with deaf children who choose to communicate using British Sign Language (BSL). It is also useful for families with young children to learn to sign as an aid to communication to ease frustrations through communication.

About the Family Sign Language Curriculum

The FSLC was created in 2005 with funding from the Department for Work and Pensions and was developed in consultation with parents and professionals.

Unlike the traditional BSL curriculum, which is based around signs appropriate to adult life, the FSLC includes the signs and phrases needed for nursery rhymes, stories, playtime and other everyday family activities. It is designed to be used by professionals,  BSL tutors and  parents / carers of deaf children aged 0 to 7 years old.

The FSLC is designed to promote positive family communication and to help families of deaf children communicate effectively using sign language. The FSLC also aims to give families the support and advice they need to make confident choices about the communication methods that are the most suitable for them.

The FSLC is structured in the form of handouts for families focused on key communication topics and skills. It also includes activity sheets based on different family topics with illustrated pictures with commonly used phrases; lists of key vocabulary; suggested activities and books related to the topic.

Topics covered in the FSLC:

For more information

Contact details: Joa Lee – Family Liaison Worker,, 01744 23887

3: Provide Information

4: Groups

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