D/deaf Advocacy

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This is a free accessible service available for:

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is taking action to help people:

Advocacy can help anyone who needs support to:

An Advocate is :

Principles of Advocacy:

What Should I Do Next?

Contact the Deafness Resource Centre to make an appointment to see our Advocate.

Ruth Turner
Advocate for D/deaf, hard of hearing people and their families

The Advocacy Service is funded through:

Improving Access initiatives supported by our Advocacy Team:

Deaf Forums
Providing opportunities for D/deaf people to meet, learn and exchange views and opinions, through their preferred method of communication

Access Audits
Helping service providers looking to improve access and equality for D/deaf service users and staff.

Young People
Working with young deaf people to support them during transition periods at school or college

Working with schools and groups of young people to provide information sessions about deafness and sign language (as part of the National Curriculum or more informal sessions to suit each group)


For more information or to request the help of our advocacy service please contact Ruth Turner:

enquiries@deafnessresourcecentre.org or call 0174423887

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