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Tinnitus Support
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Tinnitus Support

Deafness Resource Centre can offer support and advice, both practical and emotional, from trained staff on ways in which people living with Tinnitus can support themselves to learn more about the condition. Staff work across the St Helens, Halton and Knowsley boroughs.

We currently have three Tinnitus Support Groups operating across St Helens, Halton, and Knowsley. The self-help groups support people living with Tinnitus, offering an informal get together to share experiences with other people, access information and get support on managing Tinnitus.

The groups are supported by trained Tinnitus Advisors who can offer one to one support when needed.

The groups meet as follows:

St Helens

1st Wednesday of every month at Deafness Resource Centre

Angela Edwards for St Helens Groups

Tel: 01744 23887 or Email: Angela.Edwards@deafnessresourcecentre.org


1st Tuesday of every month, alternating between Runcorn & Widnes. Please get in touch for dates.

Wendy Edwards for Halton Groups

Tel: 0151 511 8801 or Email: Wendy.Edwards@deafnessresourcecentre.org


2nd Wednesday of every month

Sarah Davidson for Knowsley Groups

Tel: 01744 23887 or Email: Sarah.Davidson@deafnessresourcecentre.org

Visit our Groups page for more information.