Room Hire

If you are looking for a venue for a meeting or event, we have rooms to hire at very reasonable rates.

Your questions answered

Q. What rooms are available?

A. We have a number of rooms available for meetings, events, seminars, parties etc. Rooms can be booked for one-off events, or for ongoing, regular sessions.

Q. When are rooms available?

A. The Deafness Resource Centre is open from 9.00am-9.00pm Monday to Friday. Some rooms are booked on a long-term basis, so please contact us to arrange the most suitable date(s) and time(s), to avoid disappointment.

Q. Who can book rooms?

A. Currently, we hire the rooms out to a number of different groups and organisations including social clubs, martial arts, slimming clubs, art class, network meetings, deaf forums, and more. The groups which use the centre are a mixture of both deaf and hearing groups

Q. How do I book a room?


  1. If you are not sure which room(s) you would like, please contact the centre, and arrange to visit us, so that we can assess all your needs including space needed, time(s), date(s) etc.
  2. If you do know which room(s) you would like, please contact the centre, to arrange the appropriate date(s) and time(s).

You will be asked to complete a booking form, and read and sign a Room Hire Contract and Cancellation Policy.

Q. What is the Cancellation Policy?

A. The Centre reserves the right to cancel bookings, where the Centre is rendered unfit for the intended use. The Hirer will be informed as soon as possible. Room bookings cancelled less than 7 working days before event – CHARGED FULL FEE. This includes ‘no-shows’. Room bookings cancelled 7 or more working days before event – NO CHARGE.

Q. How much do the rooms cost to hire?

A. Room hire ranges from £10 per hour up to £175 for a full day, depending on the rooms, and each group’s needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Q. Is the Deafness Resource Centre accessible?

A. Yes. The Centre is accessed via a ramp, with an adapted toilet, and a lift to the first floor. All rooms which we hire out are fitted with a loop system, with ample lighting and adaptable layouts.

Q. What equipment is available for use?

A. We have the following equipment available: digital projector, flipchart, CD/radio, TV, video, DVD player, wifi, and access to kitchen to prepare refreshments.

Q. Do we need to provide our own catering?

A. The two rooms on the ground floor have adjoining kitchens. You can use the kitchens to serve refreshments. However, we can provide catering for your function, at an additional cost.

Q. What can I expect from the Room Hire Service?

A. Clean, secure, safe premises in which to hold your meeting/event.

Q. What do you expect from me?

A. Respect for the building, staff and all the fixtures and fittings.

Q. Transport/parking/buses

A. The Deafness Resource Centre is on a busy bus route, to and from St Helens Town Centre. There is parking, but this is limited for blue badge holders only, on the front of the premises.  There is a private car park available adjacent to the centre that charges £1 per hour or £5 per day, whilst there are no regulations that prevent parking on residential streets we kindly ask all users to be considerate to local residents when parking their vehicles.

Please note: The management committee of the Deafness Resource Centre have the right to deny a group from hiring a room if they feel the purpose of hiring is inappropriate.

Please follow this link to see charges DRC room hire charges

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