It’s Tinnitus Awareness week 4th-10th Feb 2013

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Tinnitus Awareness Week 2013 will run from 4-10 February and the theme is ‘The Importance of Tinnitus Support Groups’.

Tinnitus support groups offer a vital lifeline for people around the country, offering a chance to share experiences, find out how others cope and discuss the latest information on treatments. The BTA hope to enable hundreds more people to access peer-to-peer support through groups across the UK.

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Do you know what TINNITUS is?
Tinnitus is noise that originates within the ear rather than from the outside environment. This may affect one or both ears.

Different people hear different sounds and these have been described as like a “ringing” sound, a “buzzing” sound, a “humming noise, “like running water”, a “whistling” sound or like the “sound from a seashell held close to the ear.”

There are several types of tinnitus and for more information please contact Deafness Resource Centre, 01744 23887

Tinnitus is a condition for which there is no medical cure, although currently  there is a lot of research and this condition can be  very distressing and debilitating.

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