Trustees & Governance

The Deafness Resource Centre is governed by a board of Trustees referred to as the Management Committee. The Trustees are responsible for the overall operation and management of the charity and ensuring that all legal and statutory obligations are met. The Trustees delegate the day to day management of the organisation to the Chief Officer and staff team.

The Trustees meet bi-monthly and hold the Annual General Meeting in October each year.

Chairperson – Ernie Clark

ernieErnie is profoundly Deaf and has been involved with the organisation since childhood when he attended the Deaf Social Club with his parents. Over the years, Ernie has been very active in the running of the Deaf Sports & Social Club taking part in many sports competitions – particularly darts, which he still plays today. Ernie became a member of the Management Committee and was elected Chair in 2008. Ernie is very proud of his role and plays an active part in supporting the CEO and staff team as well as guiding the Management Committee in their decision making.

Secretary – Bernie Lightfoot

Bernie is a retired professional having worked as a senior manager in Health & Social Care for St Helens Council. Bernie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only around health and social care, but also in staff management and strategic planning.

Treasurer – Janet Yates 

Janet took over from Peter Harvey in 2015 in the role of Treasurer. Janet is retired from St Helens Council where she held a number of senior positions; the most recent in being in Children Services. Janet has experience of managing large budgets and setting strategic plans.

Trustees and Co-opted Members

Peter Harvey – Retired Head Teacher

Rev. Hannah Lewis – Church for the Deaf

Keelan Early – Parent

John Roberts – Tinnitus group leader

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee please contact the Chief Officer Helen Fitzgerald

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