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New Partnerships!!

The Deafness Resource Centre in partnership with Vision Support, have been awarded a three year contract to provide sensory services in the Halton Borough. The contract with Halton Borough Council will commence on 1st July 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity for the two partners, supported by Halton Council, to develop a fully integrated sensory service geared to meeting the diverse needs of people with sensory loss. Staff from Vision Support and the Deafness Resource Centre will be joined by Rehabilitation Officers currently working within the council, to form one sensory team who will be co-located in accessible premises within the Borough. Work is currently taking place to secure suitable premises, hopefully we will be able to share the good news soon.

The integrated service will be known as Halton Sensory Services and will provide the following:

  • Streamlined access to support, information and advice on all aspects of sensory loss in one place, one contact number, mail and website
  • Specialist 1:1 support and assessment of need
  • Drop in facilities
  • Specialist training – Sensory Awareness, British Sign Language, IT, Braille
  • Outreach Mobile Unit to reach more isolated residents

We will post new developments as they happen, in the meantime any comments, ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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