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How Deafness Resource Centre helped our Family

My daughter is 9 years old and until recently we didn’t know is she was profoundly deaf as she has many complex health issues that have always took priority.

Until late last year we were communicating with our daughter using Sign along and Pecs pictures. At a school event we seen a stall for the Deafness Resource Centre, since then we have never looked back we have had so much support from signing / schooling / Happy Hands etc, more recently we have Joy as part of the volunteering scheme, which has been nothing more than a god send.

My Daughter has taken to Joy extremely well and has built up a friendship that is lovely to see. Joy has given us all so much support from working 1-2-1 with my daughter on getting her to understand hospital visits more clearly, and especially helping with a transition to her new school.

Without the support and help from Joy and the Deafness Resource we would still be dealing with a very frustrated and un -happy little girl whereas now we have a little girl who wants to communicate and is getting much more confident in herself.

Since I was asked to do a case study before, Joy has become more and more important to us as a family and recently my daughter has had to have a serious operation and Joy has done a lot of work with her on what is happening and why it is being done.  On the day of her operation Joy came with us to the hospital and communicated with my daughter all that was being said to her and stayed with us until she went under the anaesthetic.  All the nursing staff and the doctors commented on how different my daughter was for this operation and how much difference it made to her having the process communicated in a way she could understand.

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